Hello from Caine

Hello my intro may be short. I like learning new things about Beardies and Boas. How other do thing and why compared to what I do. And something I’ve never understood with beardies is the T8 vs T5 HO. I know T8 is old tech and T5 is new Tech but how they work in a vivarium where there is not a screen and it’s fixed to the top of the vivarium. Is T5 what is the furthest it should it be from the beardies back. How close can they get to it. And is Arcadia what its cracked up to be. Come month 11 is there still a min of 10.0 uvb still? I have a uvb tester and tempted to try it. Would rather change a bulb 1 a year then every 6 months. But anyways. Hello all. I am a purchaser and a seller.