Hello from Chicago

I am a retired former tropical fish breeder. I I bred most kinds of freshwater fish for over 50 years and kept a variety of herps during that time. I now have a large rain forest vivarium looking for a pair of Giant Day Geckos, but my main interest is learning to breed Sandfish Skinks. If anyone has any experience here, I’d really like to hear about it. I have a 48x18x18 enclosure with a screen top illuminated by a Spectral Designs 10 inch LED panel with an added Acadia 12% UVB tube. Basking light is provided by a ZooMed double incandescent fixture with 2 100 watt bulbs. The substrate is six inches of sand. At the cool end, I installed a 3 inch wide strip of plexiglass to the bottom, running the width of the tank and a piece of 1 inch PVC glued vertically to the back corner so I can occasionally add a little water from the bottom , which will be contained by the plexiglass barrier and make to cool end slightly less dry.


Welcome to the community @sunfighter!

I know someone will chime in and give you some info on the sandfish skinks. What made you choose that species anyways? Very unusual!

I think that their behavior is very cool and as far as I know, there isn’t a captive bred population.

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Welcome! I’m in Chicago too! Ever been to a Chicago Herpetological Society meeting?

Many years ago, when they had auctions, I attended one with my six year old daughter and she bought a Southern Banded Water Snake with her birthday money.

Welkom🤘and enjoy …