Hello from Colorado Springs!

Hey everyone! I only recently discovered MM’s Community feature but I’m glad I got here eventually!

I’ve absolutely loved reptiles, snakes in particluar, since I was a tiny kid watching Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin play with cool animals all the time. I’d spend time outside looking for and playing with the little garter snakes that lived around our garden. My family didn’t really get it, but I always wanted a pet snake so I was over the moon when my then-boyfriend-now-husband said he wanted a pet snake. I was able to live vicariously through him and his first snake, a ball python named Patches.

Patches opened the door for a mutal love of keeping snakes. We now have four ball pythons, a Colombian rainbow boa, and this year added our first two BCIs. We also have some fish and a cat.

We recently moved to Colorado and are loving it out here. Keeping humidity up is a challenge but we’ve got it figured out now, I think, haha.

Here are some pictures of our scaly babies! In order we have Mavis, Edith, Kaiba, Archie, Mochi, Zaphod, and Keebler.


Welcome welcome welcome! You guys have some gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous, scaly babies! You are at the right place! Tons of knowledge, lots of great people who care about you and your animals. Stick around because you will love it here! I am addicted! I am a pet owner only but of course there are lots of breeders too and just about any question/problem you may have, you will be sure to get an answer or help.

Be sure to stick around! :blush::wink::frog::lizard::snake:


Welcome to the forum. Always glad to have new members.


Welcome to the family!


Colorado here also glad to have you here!


I am in Colorado as well, nice boas and ball pythons you have! Humidity in the winter can definitely be an issue with the heat on all the time, glad you got it figured out.


Welcome to forum. Beautiful snakes you have!


Welcome to the community and family. Gorgeous collection you have.
You’ll love it here!


Welcome!! Nice scale babies!


Welcome to the community! All your animals are so cute! Do you have a favorite?
Mochi is stunning btw. What genes are at play?


Thank you! Hard to say if I have a favorite… I love them all for different reasons, though I think Kaiba is the best one to hang out with - he’s the most chill, curious ball python ever.
Mochi is precious, I love her haha. I don’t entirely remember her genes but think it’s Orange Dream, Leo, and Albino at least