Hello from deep south texas

ive kept reptiles on and off since i was 4 years old and our families first pet was 2 bearded dragons who both grew up with me. i am now in college and my girlfriend and i have decided to get back into the hobby. we have 3 beardies, 1 axolotol, 5 ball pythons, 1 grey banded kingsnake, 2 turtles, 2 leopard geckos, a blue tongue skink and several discus fish. reptiles have been my passion since i was a baby and dinosaurs were my first ever intrest ( thanks to the land before time). i grew up in the brush catching anoles, fence lizards, garter snakes, great plains ratsnakes, great plains skinks, red ear sliders and many more. we are located in kingsville texas. about 45 minutes from corpus christi and we hope to begin breeding some of our reptiles eventually.


Gray banded is pretty high on my list. They’re definitely one of my favorites that we have down here in Texas.

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yeah for sure. i saw one when i was 12 and had wanted one ever since. the variability they have is crazy to me

Dang I’ve seen one in person twice. Never in the wild though.

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Hello from another Texan, north Texas though near to the OK border. We are a corn family ourselves and plan on start breeding this spring.

I with had been as lucky as you at finding wild snakes! Only ever found one or two garters recently around our apartments and once when I was a lot younger stepped on a copperhead (thankfully didn’t get bit) while walking barefoot in a soggy swampy forest way way down south in my home state of Mississippi.


corns are great, I’ve never owned one but would like to. and yeah my area is crawling with tons of species of snakes

Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here!
You have quite a zoo, which is awesome :grin:

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I appreciate that and I will posting pictures of my zoo when I get home :rofl:

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This is bean, our male beardie

This is pepper one of our female beardies

This is pickles our other female beardie

Archie, our male sunglow leo

Emmy, our female emerine leo

Kevin, our BTS

Jughead, our pastel Pied male

Gladys our pastel female

FP our banana male

Normie, our normal male

Steelix (steely) our GBKS


And last but not least, Betty, our female pastel het pied


I adore seeing other Texas breeders! Hello from Houston and I love your collection!!


appreciate that!