Hello from FL

Hello I’m kind of new to the hobby I’ve had interest in reptiles my entire life but only started keeping them 4 years ago. I’ve mostly kept small lizards like anoles, skinks and even a wild gecko. Just this year a got a beardie and a snake and I’m planning on getting a leo in a few weeks. I love looking on the MM whenever I can.

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Welcome to the community. I’m sure plenty of people, including myself, will love to hear more about your growing collection.

Thank you! I will gladly share pictures but at the time I only have 2 reptiles because a lot of them just died.

Reed one of the two reptiles. He is a blue tailed skink and is the best eater I have ever owned. One pic is with his favorite toy. He is pretty calm when is he is full and us wonderful to own.

Silver my beardie. He is probably my favorite he is very calm and gets along with almost any other animal. ( He ate one of my skinks a few weeks ago ) To me he kind of looks skinny or dehydrated but that makes no sense as he eats salad everyday and has a variety of insects every week (Crickets meal worms superworms hornworms) he also has a bath 3 times a week and drinks water every time

I love all the reptiles I’ve had and will own and I’m very excited for the Leo.

You shouldn’t put reptiles together like that unless you want a chance of them dying (especially since beardies eat anything that will fit in their mouth including lizards). They tolerate the other lizards until they are hungry, but that doesn’t mean they are friends. Doing something like that is irresponsible. It is bad to put wild caught animals near one that isn’t since wild caught animals can have parasites. Also, is that iceberg/romaine lettuce that you are feeding your beardie? It has no nutritional value. Dubia roaches are the best insect feeder for beardies, and black soldier fly larvae are also good. Silkworms and hornworms are good too.

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I did not put the lizard and Silver together I had him outside with me and i looked away for a second and there the lizard was on his head. I took a picture and then immediately brought the lizard to a tree. The lettuce is Romain and if that has no nutrients what should I give him? I’ve tried different kinds of beardie diet and he rejected all of it. I’m getting more insects asap. I’m really really sorry about the food thats all I’ve ever heard to give him. If there is anything else please tell me. I feel terrible.

Here is a website for their food; https://www.beardeddragoncare101.com/best-foods-bearded-dragon/
The only thing I don’t agree about in this is the waxworms and butterworms as they are both very high in fat. Maybe for a rare treat with butterworms being slightly better.
If the skink he ate was wild caught and you never treated it for parasites, I would take him to the vet to make sure he is free of them. Crickets are also known to carry parasites on occasion since some places get them wild caught. Did you put the skink near him or just feed it to him dead?

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Ok thank you. I will be buying more greens tomorrow. I forgot to tell you but we gut load the supers and will continue with the roaches if thats good we also put repticalcium in the salad. As with the skink that skink was a pet and like an idiot I had silver a few feet away and the skink in my hand and he bolted faster than I have ever seen a beardie run and ate her. The skink was tested and was free of parasites and the other skink that is very much alive is also free. Silver went to the bathroom the following day and is fine. I will never feed my reptiles wax worms as I had a pair of grass lizards that got infected after eating them and died. Once again thank you so much for all the info.