Hello from GA, USA

Good evening-noon-day-night! I’m a long-time snake admirer. Did some preliminary research, and while I was initially going for a tortoise, I’ve decided snakes are just…it for me. I went to Show Me Snakes this past weekend just to see what I could find out and maybe buy some supplies. As there typically are at these events, quite a few sellers were holding their personal pets. I held a Red-Tail Boa, and it was game over :joy:

So I’ve got my notebook and my google searches, and here I am.

Currently, I have two dogs (jack Russell terrier/dachshund & corgi/pit) and a cat. My corgi/pit is pretty chill; she’s getting up there in years and doesn’t want anything to do with something that won’t pet her and give treats, not necessarily in that order. My smaller mutt and my cat, though, are in their prime. Just because of the nature and history of JRTs and Dachshunds (small animal/pest control) and my cat (just…cats), my preliminary research has been heavily focusing on the best methods of preventing escape. A close friend in IL has been helping me with all of this and keeping my head on straight.

Anyway…hello! Pics for tax :grin:

Bagheera (named after the panther in the Jungle Book)

Sugar (tan) and Spice (black/white). Sally’s about 23lbs (same as the cat…lol), and Sugar (despite how small she looks here) is about 40lbs. Don’t mind the clutter in the background. We had just moved into our house in the photo.


Welcome to our family! Boas are the best so definitely recommending that you get one lol. Your cat and dogs look so loved. I am happy that you are trying this community out! Have a wonderful day!


Hi! Welcome to the community, were glad to have ya. Lumpy’s ya person for big sneks. Im personally a fan of colubrids and bps.

Lovin the pups and cat! Ive got 4 cats myself.


Hi, welcome! Just like Lumpy, I am also the person who’s best with big/giant snakes. I specialize in boas, burms, and retics. But also have average knowledge on most commonly kept giant reptiles like Scrubs, olives, African rock pythons, and anacondas.

I also like to keep obscure rear fanged venomous reptiles and hope to expand on that as a side hobby in the future!

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I could have sworn we had a little conversation, but I’m not seeing it now :face_with_monocle:

Regardless, you answered a bunch of questions I asked! Thank you!

Lol :joy:, yeah I am a big snake person. I love them; how I personally feel connected with them because they are so powerful and yet you get to work with them and enjoy them. One day hopefully I will have a female retic to call my own. Purple Sunfire Goldenchild :fire::fire::fire:!


Well, thank you all for the warm welcome :blush:!

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