Hello from Holland

My name is Nathan and I’ve been keeping reptiles since my childhood. I really wanted a snake when I was a kid, but my parents would not let me have one. But they approved of lizards, so I started with takydromes sexlineatus. After them, I got 3 leopard gecko’s. They al died of old age.
When I moved out of my parents house, I could finaly keep a snake and went with a boa. Really gentle girl and I love her!

Later got my wife addicted and now we also have an western hognose. An amazon milkfrog and two gargoyle gecko’s (the girl just layed her first eggs!)

Been reading a lot into ball pythons and plan on buying into breeding them in the coming years. Really love the ultramel, pied and clown genes!

Here are pictures of my gecko’s, cause these guys are awesome


Welcome to the community @magic_mutations!

I hope you’ll post her clutch and their hatching photos when they come around!
Your gecko’s are just stunning! I love the coloring on both of them!

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Heey, welcome!!! I’m also from Holland. Nijmegen to be precise. Hope you have a good time on this forum. There a lot of nice people here and an abundance of information.

Your gecko’s really look super cute. Can’t wait to see some babies :grin:

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