Hello from Idaho


Hello everyone, my name is Ty and this is my snake I rescued about a month ago. I never thought I would own a snake but I came across someone who was adamant on getting rid of her. I saw the conditions she was in and decided to take the plunge! Countless hours of research has been done and now she is in a nice tank, in the heat and humidity she needs.

Now I don’t know very much about her but I am hoping someone here may be able to help out a little. A friend said she was a regular ball python but she looks to be a little brighter than a regular for me. What do you all think? No matter what she has a forever home with me now; I am just curious :slight_smile:


@smithty920 welcome to the group! You’re little one looks like a normal (wild-type) ball python to me. They are quite variable. Good luck!

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Welcome! Thank you for rescuing that BP from poor conditions. That was a very kind thing for you to do. She’s beautiful, and I’m so glad she’s in a better home now. :blush: I think she is a normal, but some pictures of her sides and belly would help us ID her if she’s one of the more subtle morphs.

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Welcome to the community! Your snake is a beauty :heart_eyes:

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