Hello from Kansas

Hello all. I’ve been keeping reptiles since the 80s when I’d catch tortoises, agamas, geckos, skinks, snakes, spiders, scorpions etc while living on a military base over seas as a kid.
In the early 90s I started keeping more seriously as a young teen. I started with ball pythons, quickly shifted to burms and boas. I kept off and on until 2010 when I got burnt out from a bad year so quit keeping everything except my kenyan sand boas. Which I eventually got rid of as well.
In 2014 I got the itch again so I started a small collection up again with the intention of breeding some for fun. After raising up the little ones I had picked up, I finally bred again this year, with 2 litters. A Sonoran het leopard pair that produced 8 possible hets and 1.1 leopards. The 2nd litter is a Junglebesque dam bred by a Sharp sire, producing 11 neos.


@randall_turner_jr welcome to the group! Sounds like some great boa projects.

Welcome! And welcome back to breeding reptiles as well.

Thank you Hinglesherps and Exactlyexotics for the welcome.