Hello from Long Island

Hi, I’m Chris. I finally got back into snake keeping three or so years ago after moving back to New York from the west coast. Just working with a small collection of ball pythons for now as I decide what else I want to get involved with. At the moment, trying to reproduce the crazy color change I get from my Pastel, GHI, Mojave, Yellowbelly when it’s the morning vs the night. She legitimately looks like two different snakes in person.
Ball pythons:
1.0 Phantom, Mocha
0.1 Pastel, GHI, Mojave, Yellowbelly
1.0 Scaleless Head, Het. Albino
0.1 Scaleless Head, Cinnamon, Pastel, Het. Albino
1.0 VPI Axanthic, Bongo, Mojave
0.1 GHI, Pastel, Leopard, Het. VPI Axanthic
1.0 Banana, Leopard, Genetic Stripe, Het. Clown


Welcome to the community! I already liked your g-stripe morph on the other topic, but dang that’s a gorgeous python! You have some very cool looking pythons! This is the perfect place to brag and post pics, you may even pick up some useful information as well!:grin: welcome-


Welcome aboard Chris.
Good looking collection of ball’s.
You’ll love it here!


All of your BP’s are keepers to me! This is a great place to be! I am not a breeder but they make plenty of room for pet only owners as well. Everyone is super friendly and there is a wealth of experience/expertise available! :frog::snake::lizard::wink::blush::+1:


Welcome, Chris @10cserrano21 ! Your collection is gorgeous!! We look forward to seeing more of them and getting to know you. :smiley: