Hello From Miami

Hi Everyone! Finally getting around to my intro post. I’ve been visiting MM for a while now, and have found a few lizards and pods through the site. Currently keep a pair of abronia oaxacae, leopard gecko, super pastel bp, pair of adult redfoot tortoises (outside, male is on the loose), and some pods (Shiros, dwarf whites, powder blues, Hoffs, and duckies). Actually, my kids keep most of this stuff, and I just help. Also keep marine fish, cat, dog, parrot, and a ton of plants.

Planning on breeding abronias. Particularly interested in cool morphs of a. lythrochila and a. oaxacae.

Living south of Miami, we have a lot of invasive/non-native species running around. Iguanas are the only ones that bother me; large ones sitting high up in a tree feasting on passionfruit flowers and fruits. We have Tokays, Cuban Knight anoles, and agamas that run around the porch and house. Have seen basilisk in the neighborhood as well. So whether we are inside or out, usually some reptiles around.

Into animals and plants, and grow a lot of ornamentals, herbs, and fruits. This is one of the reasons I really like keeping abronias; because the tanks are really little ecosystems with live plants. My hobbies are coming together.


Welcome to the site! I have to say I am a little jealous of you right now living south of Miami, cuz here in Colorado it was 12 degrees this morning🤣 I am sure since you have been on the marketplace and all you know your way around, any questions just ask the community everyone really tries to help out around here! Enjoy the information, and all the great pics on here!


Welcome to the family.

Oh, and we love pictures.

A lot!



Welcome, @roblack ! Sounds like you’ve really got quite the collection. We’re happy to officially welcome you. Looking forward to seeing pics!


Welcome, youll love it here. Kept marine fish for many years as well, what are swimming in your tank at the moment?


Thanks for all the replies and warm welcomes!

Meet Sunny, our little male abronia Oaxacae. Pics are from May.

Funky sailfin anole from the backyard.

Re marine fish, only keeping a pair of clownfish at the moment, in a 29 gallon nano. Used to keep all kinds of coral (sps, lps, softies) and a wide array of fish when had bigger tanks and time for that obsession. Since the kids came, I can’t do it anymore. Now, my garden is my coral reef, and the abronia tank often reminds me of reef keeping. Especially when the led lights are on and the mist is rolling down.


This is Fast Freddy

And here is Hardita, laying their eggs

Fast Freddy hauled tail and hasn’t been seen in a while. Interesting timing, maybe he feared parenthood. These things can climb and are escape artists. Think one of my neighbors has since adopted him.


Abronia bioactive enclosure. Pods and stuff in there. Experimenting with different plants. Got a ways to go, having fun. My 13yo kid actually set this up, and handles most of the care.

New female, Cirrus is getting along well with Sunny. She’s a bit older, hope they get along. So far so good.

We have since added more corkboard, all the way to the top (back), and are starting to wedge air plants into the nooks and crannies.


Aurin, the ball python

Just try it squirrels!


Herping in the backyard is great. FL ringnecks are so cute.


Loving all the wildlife!! Especially the Abronia. They are on our want list when we can expand our reptile room.

Again, welcome to the family!


Thanks spottedbull! Abronias are super fun to keep and have cool personalities. When held, they wrap their tails around a finger and hold on tight, like a little constrictor. While they require extra care, totally worth it.


Awesome! I may hit you up in the near future about all the care tips!


Welcome fellow Florida person :wink:. I live up in port st. luice but I drive to SOMI every Sunday to go to Vous. I love that you let your kids keep all of these wonderful animals. Welcome to our family @roblack, I am sure that you will not regret it.

ps, I am going to try to convince you to get a boa so be prepared :wink:.


Absolutely spottedbull! Glad to share the knowledge we have.

Thank you lumpy! Happy to be here with people who share a love for all kinds of creatures.

I’m tempted to get back into boas. Kept 2 redtails for years when in college and then after for a while. They were great. Rainbows are particularly nice to me.


Lovin the pictures @roblack and welcome to the community.


@roblack Welcome! Amazing animals and amazing pictures! Oh to be a Miami Floridian! You live in a veritable reptile haven! I can’t imagine what that would be like!:sunglasses: I am in Indiana. We have already had snow in October!

And yes, @lumpy if you hang around here very long you will probably end up with a boa! Lol! I have a Brazilian rainbow boa named Nod. He actually came from Florida.

You will really love it here! :snake::frog::lizard::wink::+1:


Thanks Gary and Caron!

Miami and the area is a great place to keep herps. Lots of potential to keep critters in the back yard and porch areas. Definitely one of the coolest places for a reptile lover in the continental US.

Funny, I was looking at rainbows yesterday, while picking up crickets and worms. So beautiful, tempting for sure.


Since I read your post I have been trying to talk to husband into moving and guess where! Lol. Hopefully we will get 10 feet of snow here in Indiana this winter and he will give in! Lol! But I am keeping the conduciveness to reptiles to myself!..… lol! :snake::frog::lizard: