Hello from mnmreptiles!

Hey guys me and my hubby have rebranded our business! From rescue to full time breeding! I’m very excited about the feature! If you guys can show us support its mnmreptiles on IG


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to our lovely community, I hope that you enjoy it here. We love to speak encouragement over people stepping into breeding. Definitely share some pictures of the animals that you have, we would all love to see them! Again I hope that you find that this community is a place where you can ask any questions, raise concerns, and most of all grow into a deeper knowledge of the reptiles we love.


Cool. What will you be breeding?

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Welcome to the community. What will you be breeding?


Hey! So I’m working on banana pieds, banana leopard pieds,pastel highways,blue and black eye lucys,some black pastel cinnamon stuff,mojave leopard and pewter clowns etc lol I have allot if stuff also have a vilta about to lay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Shes setting at 5143 grams!



Would love to see some pics. Do you have a website? I don’t use social media.

Fingers crossed for the eggs :crossed_fingers: my husbands favourite ball pythons are pieds


Yes! mnmreptiles we are actually doing a raffle for a yellowbelly pos het clown female :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: go check us out! We also have a clutch of voltas in the incubator. Our 5,186 grams female laid her first clutch 12 eggs!!