Hello from New York!

I’ve been on here awhile and never really did a proper introduction post!

Currently we just breed Ball pythons and make logos/art!

Looking to expand to Rats and Boa Constrictors, and maybe some Burmese pythons when we get the space!

Always open for questions and tips! <3


I think that everyone one would love some pictures of your collection. Welcome to the community!! I hope that you enjoy it!


I’ll probably post some up later! <3

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Oneiroi (M; 2018 Banana 800g)

Dimitrius (M; 2019 Pastel Pied Paradox 700g)

Hestia (F; ??? Normal 1500g) (Bred this year to Het Pied)

Minerva (F; 2019 BumbleBee Leopard het Clown 650g)

Zeus (M; 2019 Het Pied 1200g)

Athena (F; 2020 Soul Sucker 850g)

Pyrrha (F; 2019 Pinstripe Het Albino 1250g)

Persephone (F; 2019 Pastel Ivory Het Puzzle 1200g)

Rhea (F; ??? Normal 1800g) (Bred this year to Banana)


Welcome to the forum! Love Minerva’s headstamp!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you <3 I absolutely can’t wait to breed her! Her headstamp is gorgeous and I’m hoping to get something similar from her babies if I can!



Your snakes look lovely :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much!!

Welcome! Can you share some of your logos? :smiley:


I wish that is could get better at making my logo. Right now I don’t know where to even start.

Here are a few!

And this one I made for someone!


Wow they are incredible! I have loved your approach to snake shape for a long time since seeing your user profile :heart:. I hope my will come out half as good.


Just keep practicing and you’ll get there!! Also helps t have some reference photos lol

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It definitely does!

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Well I can’t wait to see what you come up with!! Good luck!

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Thanks probably I should learn how to draw lol :joy:
But in all honesty I probably will try it out and later in quite a few years, after I raise up the first pair that I am yet to buy, I might be in a place where I can either pay someone to do it or draw a better one.

Thanks for the encouragement, it truly is motivating.


Nice!! I’m sure it’ll be great, and I wish you luck on the journey! <3

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Here’s my new babies I just picked up!