Hello from Norwich UK

My name is Tom and I’m quite new to snake community ( didn’t have any for last 20 years) , my daughter ask for one for long time so finally she gets one for last Xmas, as I’m from family with breading all sorts of animals background I have encourage her to do research and make sure she knows everything before deciding what she wants, so she chose corns which always was my favourite. After almost year I have close eye on how she handle responsibility with one ,we decide its time to move on and add couple more snakes so in the future she will start breading them .
Now we have 5 corns at home and another 3 waiting for collection from breaders
That’s couple pictures of



Hi @123hudy

Welcome to our community! I will let you know that this community has some very encouraging people that will pour life into you and your daughter. Also, we can be a little bit crazy when it comes to wanting snake pictures, so feel free to add a bunch, lol :joy:. I know that you will enjoy it here. Welcome again. :heart:


Thank you for worm welcome
We definitely gonna add some pictures as we want to identify some morphs we got but that’s gonna be in colubrid section

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Welcome to the community Tom! It’s very cool you let your daughter explore the area of owning reptiles, and it’s awesome that after a year you’re allowing her to move forward with breeding. Corns have always looked so cool!

Number 2 is very pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like that posted before :heart_eyes:

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Hi, as my father always told me keeping animals just as a pet and not allowing them to bread is very selfish, as that’s what all species are for , that’s the part of the nature. And this is how I want her to think and see the world .
No matter is this a bird snake or hamster , she needs to gain the knowledge about it needs and behaviour so she will create the best environment for them as possible, which leads them to be safe and healthy

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Beautiful corns :heart_eyes:
I’m too in the UK! So Hello neighbour! :joy: