Hello From OH!

Hello all! I’m Joe from Ohio. Just wanted to introduce myself, and try to figure out how this page works, before I start posting. I am working with Ball Pythons, mostly recessives (Clowns and Pieds), I am new to the show, last year was my first year producing, so I hope to learn a lot here. Thanks in advance!


Hi Joe, welcome to the site. Clowns and Pieds, great stuff there!


Thanks John, and thank you for your hard work to make this page happen!


Hi joe I’m frome ohio also . what shows do you setup at?

I am not producing enough to vend shows yet, maybe next year. If I do have something to sell, it will be at the Cin City show.

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Sweet as soon as I start producing ball pythons I plan on Vending at the cin city show as well I’ve been going to that show and the all Ohio reptile show for almost 20 years it’s pretty awesome having multiple reptile shows within driving distance every month!

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Hey whats up Joe, im David a new hobbiest also from ohio. Its great to see another ohio breeder. Might have to get some clowns of you bro lol.