Hello from Oregon

Hello, this looks like a great site to learn and share info. I have been lurking on just looking at morphmarket for quite awhile. Finally joined. My two sons and I have just a small ball python collection and this year was the first that we successfully produced eggs. I kick myself because back when the Ball python market started a couple friends and I had big plans of working with them. Life happened and now 20 years later my sons and I finally are making the dream happen. We had a learning curve for some reason, but were able to produce some awesome babies this year. We don’t have a website yet, but maybe that will happen soon. As of now, its all going to be local sales, if I can actually part with anything yet. LOL

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Welcome to the community @dmerrio! Glad you finally joined up. Congrats on your first clutch! I can’t wait to see little baby snakes flooding my feed.

It’s also super cool, even after 20 years has passed, you made your way back into the hobby and you get to do it with your sons! Not many people get to share a hobby like this with their children - so I think that’s super cool!

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Welcome! I’m from Oregon myself, used to live in the Sweet Home/Lebanon/Albany area.
Now I live in Indiana because I wanted to be with my boyfriend.

Hoping to produce my first clutch this year too, and I’m sure I’ll have that same struggle — trying to part with the babies! :joy:

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Welcome! Congrats on your first successful clutch. I find it hard to part with my hatchlings, personally. But it’s also nice to know they are out there hopefully making someone else happy, either as a pet or a breeder. :slight_smile:

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What the hell lol I swear half of us on here are from Indiana :joy:


Except I’m in southwestern Indiana, seems most people are up north around Indianapolis lmao