Hello from Scales and Tails UK

Hello to everyone from Scales and Tails UK!

We’re a hobbiest breeder located in England, UK. We’re based just outside of London and have been breeding corn snakes for a couple of years. S&TUK is run by myself, Jonathan and my partner, Chelsea.

We started out as a lot of other have started out unsurprisingly. Chelsea has always been interested in snakes and had always wanted one so I obliged and that’s where it all went wrong. Now, with the coming season, we’ll be looking to breed 11 females. Below are the genes we have in our collection and are working with in various combinations:

Red Factor

We’re involved in corn snakes at the moment but in the next 1 - 2 years, will be looking to get into Royals (Ball) Pythons.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scalesandtailsuk/


Welcome to the family! We look forward to seeing photos of your collection.

Yeah, we love photos!


So here are just some of the snakes we have in our collection. What we have are as follows:

Male Amel unproven
Male Scaleless Amel het anery, hypo ph sunkissed
Female Butter unproven
Female Scaleless het anery, hypo, amel, ph sunkissed
Female Scaleless het anery, hypo
Female Scaleless het anery, hypo
Female Butter Tessera ph scaleless (still trying to prove out the scaleless but proven breeder)
Female Ultramel Cinder het Caramel proven
Female Ghost Motley proven
Female Snow Tessera proven
Male Coral Snow Tessera proven
Male Butter (still need to prove out hets)
Female Lavender Motley Stripe
Male Lavender Tessera
Male Butter het Cinder
Female Ultramel het Cinder, Caramel
Female Gold dust het cinder
Male Coral Anery Motley Tessera het hypo amel
Female Anery motley tessera het amel, hypo
Male Butter Tessera

We’ve got a lot of butter at the moment, so looking to maybe sell a couple next season. The male butter tessera was a hold back and hoping to prove out hets with him.


Stunning looking collection! Those are really awesome!


Thanks ever so much!

Our aim over the next couple of years is to produce Peppermints, Buttermints, Gold Dust Cinders, Opals, Moonstones, Coral Ghost Motley Tesseras and the scaleless varients of them! We’ve got some big plans on the horizon but it’s going to take a minute.

That being said, the UK corn snake and even the royal (ball) python scene doesn’t have anything on the US. We’ve got some real catching up to do


Welcome to the forum! You have a lovely collection.


You have some lovely scaleless. I really like the 1st and 3rd. The patterns really stick out.


Thanks ever so much! We’ve got a couple of others that are really visually striking that we hope will be breeding this coming season! They’re 3 years old, however the previous owner was slightly under feeding them, so hopefully we’re able to get them up to size for the coming season as their patterns are breathtaking.


Thanks @solarserpents we really appreciate it. Looking forward to contributing to the community.


Welcome to the community Scales and Tails UK!! I love all the pictures you’ve posted so far of your snakes. Do you have a favorite in your collection? Are you focusing a lot of the scaleless? Those always look so weird and cool to me at the same time, ha-ha. :smiley:


Thanks ever so much for the welcome @akmorphs and we’re just happy to be here!

See that’s a tough one to answer… I absolutely love our Ultramel Cinder, but the Butter Tessera is stunning. I’m really fond of a couple of the hatchlings we produced this season: Ultramel het Cinder and Gold Dust het Cinder as theyre going to be the basis for a couple of projects going forward.

As for working with the scaleless gene and focusing on it. That isn’t my (Jonathan) plans however Chelsea is really into scaleless and wants to work with it in a big way. Their faces look so odd but the way they feel! It’s like velvet :joy:. So we’ll see what she wants to do this coming season but no doubt they’ll be in our plans in a big way.


Welcome and we hope to see more from you!