Hello from Smug Bug

Hello, here to introduce myself. My name is Laura Riepl and I run Smug Bug. My focus is on invertebrates and I’m hoping to help get the invertebrate portion of the site going, it is very important to the community as we can no longer sell even feeders on Facebook with the crackdown.

My focus is on isopods and I currently keep 180+ species. I’ve written a paper on their care and attempt to help others where I can. I do dabble in some millipedes and uncommon roach species but isopods own my heart and soul.

I do breed and own some reptiles as well- I have producing crested geckos, E. vieillardi, sarasinorum, and gargoyle geckos. I hope to be producing E. agricolae, chahoua, and additional groups of gargoyles in the next 1-2 years, as my current breeding stock is maturing.