Hello from Sonoma County California

Hello, I been around reptiles my whole life. I got into leopard geckos around 2003. My favorite morph is snow and wy. I breed a lot of different snow morphs with some tangs, radars and anything else that catches my eye in-between. I attached a few of the many breeders I have.



Hello and welcome to the morphmarket community! I am also in love with snow leopard geckos but as of right now I only have 2 Mack snow eclipse, and one Mack snow Murphy’s Patternless.


Welcome to the community!!! Glad to see more gecko breeders joining!


Welcome! Sounds like we got into leos around the same time! I also love Snows- do you have a favorite type? I have 2 Mack Snows as pets (a Snow Diablo Blanco & a Stealth), and I don’t have any TUG or Gem Snows yet. My favorite Snow is definitely the Albey Snow. I only have 1 gecko left that I got directly from Albey Scholl, but I have quite a few others that carry Albey genetics. I’m way more of a pet owner than a breeder (I have kept every gecko I’ve hatched out thus far), but it’s definitely super exciting breeding 2 leos and then waiting to see what results!

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I have Mack Snows, Tug phantoms and Gem snows. I also have Dreamsickles and Super Snow Enigma. Back in the day, Albey did have some very nice leos. Now I believe they breed ball pythons. I went from breeding, to having a couple as pets and finally buying and getting into breeding again after a 5 year break. Even then, I didn’t breed in 2019 and 2020. The 2021 season I will pair 6-8 females. I currently have 36 leos. 7 are for sale, 3 are rescues and the rest are my breeders and pets.

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Yeah, Albey hasn’t bred leopard geckos for a long time. His gecko stock was sold to Sasobek, and now @impeccablegecko is the only one I know of carrying the torch for the Albey Snows.

When it comes to snows, the main source of frustration is that it’s not clear if TUGs & Gems are selectively bred lines popularized by their creators, or if they’re something with a simpler pattern of inheritance (like Macks).

I’m not really sure how many geckos I have right now- is that a bad sign? :upside_down_face:


Not at all lol. At one point I had 60 leopard geckos(2007 I think) . I had homemade racks and tanks everywhere. I try to keep my amount low because I have other lizards as pets. But on saying that, I’m thinking of getting 2 more species(I already have 5 species lol) I just don’t breed my other species. I just enjoy them as pets.