Hello from south Florida!

Hello! I’m new here! I have a passion for leopard geckos and hope to someday breed them, but for now I have rescue geckos! So far I own 3 Ghost, Franklin, and Hoshi. Ghost is mostly blind, but such a sweetheart. Franklin is 5 years old and rescued from a family friend who wasn’t keeping her correctly and then we have Hoshi who is our newest rescue! Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the community!!

Welcome. We recently started posting on here after haunting the forums for about a year. Lots of information to pick up on. We keep leopard geckos and a few other gecko species so it is nice to have so many people you can pull info from.

Hi nice to “meet” you @twilightbella125
Welcome to the community. I believe that you will enjoy learning about the reptiles that you and we all love so much. I am in South Florida too. I believe that the sun down here makes for awesome natural light pictures. We all would love and support some pictures of your Loes.
Again welcome
:grin: :+1:


Top is Ghost
Middle is Hoshi
Bottom is Franklin


Welcome. Ghost. Hoshi and Franklin are lucky to have you.

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Welcome to the community! Franklin is a stud haha

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Welcome to the community! I used to live in south Florida.

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