Hello from Southern MN

In the past year I’ve finally been able to indulge of my boyhood dreams of having an actual snake collections.

Snakes have been a part of my life since I was old enough to bring them home in buckets to show my terrified mother. And now I finally have the ability to collect more seriously.

I’m glad to have joined the community and have enjoyed reading through posts for sometime now.

My wife and two kids now share the home with:

2019 Toffino
2017 Normal
A rescued rough green snake
Mexican Milk Snake
Northern White Lipped

And the tattoo shop is home to a 9’ Burmese.



Welcome to the community from another Minnesotan!
I must say I’m jealous you have a Northern White Lipped, those are stunning animals and what a great addition to any collection.

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Not gonna lie, I wasn’t sure which state MN stood for and thought it was Maine. Forgot Minnesota existed for a minute. :joy: And yes, welcome. I also am jealous of the NWL python.


Forgot Minnesota existed for a minute…that’s just cruel :joy:. We usually are forgotten this far up north so don’t feel bad lol.

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HI :grin: Welcome to the community . We are happy to have you here

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Welcome. We have a couple things in common aside from snakes. I lived in MN (St Francis) and had a tattoo parlor (Charleston, SC) so we should have stuff to talk about! I am new on here too and have found that there is a lot of knowledge freely dispensed and some great folks. Enjoy it!


Welcome to the community! :grin:

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I’m from the St. Francis/ East Bethel area! :wave:

I haven’t been back there since 1983 or 84 but it was my favorite place I lived as a kid. Back then there were only like 1200 people living there. I hear it is still small but a lot bigger than it was.

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I’m down in the Mankato area. I moved from a smaller town waaaaay up north and am so glad to have access to more things now. But man do I miss my woods!

@eddie_the_yeti what kind of tattoo style do you enjoy the most?

And thank you all for the warm welcomes! I hope to eventually be an active breeder on here with a couple different species. Just gotta wait for them all to grow up! Lol

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Yep, you’re right. Still a small town, but has grown, and is still growing. Not sure what was here in '83, but it’s got a bigger grocery store, St. Francis Foods closed, Hwy 47 runs through so it is bringing more people in for the businesses within the town, and now has a fairly large golf course with housing development around it. 4 bars, and the town seems to shut down once the sun goes down lol. So I consider it still a quiet and slow paced place to live. Still have to drive either 20 minutes north or south for more entertainment/ shopping etc.

I like all tattoos. I am amazed at how much better the ink is now and some of the work people are doing I did mostly single line and what would now be called American traditional but I also experimented with other things that were almost taboo back then. But parlors were illegal in South Carolina ( and Oklahoma) so I had a captive audience to experiment on! After seeing your pen and ink work in the artist post I would love to see some of your tat work.

My mentors mentor started down in SC. I can’t remember what town he was in though. I believe he’s in his mid to late 40’s now and has been tattooing since his early 20’s.

I’ll post some of my favorite work tomorrow sometime. But I do have an Instagram account “at” marshall_tattoo

I need to post my snakes on there at some point lol.

Hmmm, I am 53. I left SC in 1996. I am told some of the old bikers still remember me there. I did tats under the name “Mr Peanut” because it was illegal. I may have been gone before he started (math is not my strong point) and if it was after it was legalized I was definitely gone. But if you have a name I might recognize it. also love to see tat and snake pics. 2 of my favorite things. I don’t do instagram, I basically suck at all social media but I will see if I can figure it out

His name is Jody Wells. He went by Mister Inkwells for awhile. He’s in California now.

Here’s the snakes :smiley: still need to get better pics of the white lipped. She’s new and speedy.

Also, no clue how to rotate pics in here lol.

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