Hello from Sshrizz

Hi there, I live in Los Angeles and have been enamored by snakes for over 2 decades; after conquering a terrible fear of them, I went in the complete opposite direction! I had a Columbian Red tail for 20 years that became my best friend. Had a few others during that time, but he was the longest living and the best buddy. When he died a few years ago, I was so sad that took a break from owning reptiles, but a few months ago I realized how much I missed them in my life, and suddenly I’m more obsessed than ever! I currently have an MBK named Anu, and a Tarahumara Mtn. King named Hobbes (first time owning kingsnakes). I’m also attending my first Reptile Expo this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.
At my jobs producing festivals, I often was the site “Snake Wrangler”, doing catch and release of the local animals who might get injured by our machines/vehicles, or, especially in the case of Rattlesnakes, instilled fear in our patrons. I loved doing it, even though the park rangers encouraged me to kill them, I’d do nothing of the sort and went out of my way to make sure I was the first on the scene of a snake call so they could be safely relocated.
I feel a bit alone in my passion for snakes, so I decided to check this out and see if I might meet some others that share it. And if anyone is in LA and wants to say hi or meet up sometime, let me know.
Thanks for reading!

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