Hello from the Geckos

Hello. I’m a huge lurker on MM, checking out all the geckos and Rosy Boas. I just joined the forums though. I have two precious gargoyle geckos, a male named Blue and a female named Hex. In the photos below, Blue is my big boy, he’s around a year older than Hex, while Hex is maybe 5 months old now. I’m working on her new terrarium, so for now she’s in her baby box still.


Hello and welcome!

Thank you! In my lurking, I’ve seen you around a bit, hello!

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I don’t have him yet but I just bought a new male Gargoyle that looks just like your boy.

Oh, how exciting! I do hope you’ll share his pictures when you get him. I should pop a fully fired up picture of Blue too so we can see em in all colors.

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Here is a picture of him from the breeder. I’ve nearly settled on the name Gimlet I think.


OHHHH lookit how chonky he is! He’s lovely!! I like Gimlet. Is it from something? My boyfriend named Blue in part because he had a husky as a child and because of the raptor from Jurassic World. I just wanted to name him Raptor since he likes to hide with just his eye sticking out… I thought I had a better picture, but here’s one.

- Blue just chilling.

- Hiding again.

- Fired up.


Unfortunately had a lot of health issues in 2018-19 and had to thin down on critters, so got rid of nearly all the Crested and Gargoyle geckos :frowning:
And I just got bit by the gecko bug again. Had been doing kind of a G and “tool” theme for the Gargs, I had a Gizmo, Gadget, Gauge and Glitch. My two current ones have gone over to W, Widget and Wedge. Wasn’t thinking of any other W names I liked for this one though, so went back to G. Gimlet is actually a tool and it works well too, since they have a gimlet stare down cold too.
This is Widget, she will be his girlfriend.


Oh, that’s neat. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues, but I am glad you’re doing better. :slight_smile:

She is lovely! They look like a great couple. I’ve never bred anything together, I’m not even sure I want Blue and Hex to breed, though I often say they are betrothed.

Is breeding gargoyles difficult? I’ve read it’s pretty straight forward, but I’m terrified things could go horribly wrong for Hex and her eggs.

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Pretty straight forward as long as your husbandry is good and they are both, but especially the female, in good health and big enough. Just be patient when growing them up and it never hurts to wait until the female is good and ready, not just barely within the recommendations.
I’d actually recommend them or Crested geckos as first time breeding experience if it interests you. The care is pretty simple for babies, eggs don’t require anything complicated to incubate and they lay eggs two at a time around every 30 days, generally around 6 to 10 clutches on one pairing a year. (I keep my males in until the first set of eggs, then remove them, if you don’t want them breeding year round)
That’s a decent number of possible babies but they hatch two at a time with about 30 days in between, so unlike reptiles that lay larger clutches, you can ease into caring for all the babies, so they are generally not overwhelming.

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I’m absolutely not even going to put them in the same terrarium until Hex is at least 45 grams. as of February she’s only 14 grams, but I weigh her again tonight. I have a chart going of her weight gain I was told that she was a slow grower. my main priority is not breeding, but getting her good and healthy. Breeding would just be a bonus.
Of course nothing will be forced, I don’t want them to stress each other out, and I don’t want them to lose their gorgeous tails, even though it’s my understanding that breeding is a pretty stressful thing and tail loss is common. Their health and happiness comes first not mine.

And I would be sooooo happy with babies, lol

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I know tail loss is semi common during breeding but none of mine, Garg or Crested ever dropped a tail while breeding, though Glitch I got as an adult and he was growing back a tail when I got him. I had quite a number of baby Crested flip out and drop tails, but never any of the baby Gargs. So just in my experience Gargoyles are a lot less likely to lose their tails.

Oh, that’s good to know.

So, I just weighed her and she only gained a gram. Her first month with us, she gained three, then two in Feb, and now only one. :frowning:

She eats like a champion and gets a mixture of crickets, Pangea, and calci-worms, although her intake of worms has dropped quite a bit. She devours her Pangea and crickets though. Crickets are treated with calcium. Is there something else I can do?

ETA:: Pangea Breeding and Growth, usually mixed with either fig and insects or the red package that says with insects.

That all sounds good. It’s pretty common for growth to occur in clumps, a lot and then slowly, then a lot. Can take a female up to 3 years to get to breeding size, from hatching.

Oh, nothing I read ever said any of those things. Thank you, that’s good information to have. I had no idea. Blue grew like a weed.

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Welcome to the community! Sorry I’m late on the bandwagon.
Blue is so handsome, and I can’t wait to see Hex’s new setup when you complete it!

Thank you! It’s slow going, sadly. It also didn’t help that I had a gluing accident… I didn’t notice the tube was leaking while I was squeezing and well… I had to soak my hand to get the tube to unglue from my fingers.

Here are more pictures of my lovelies as a distraction from that embarrassing moment!!!