Hello from the Midwest everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Renee and I am 19 and am from the Midwest U.S. I have always been a reptile enthusiast since I was a kid. I never was scared of snakes or frogs and often tried to catch them to check them out! Tadpoles were one of my favourites to catch.

Now that I am older I have my own scaly friends, my leopard geckos! I originally wanted my first reptile to be a ball python or hognose, but since the people I live with unfortunately hate snakes I got leos instead and I love them! One day I hope I will get a snake, since I find them so cool and cute.

I originally joined morph market with the intention to see the different morphs of snakes and leos and not really interact with anyone, but I would like to be a part of a community who loves reptiles just as much as I do, and maybe I could learn too!

I consider myself a newbie since I’ve only had my leos since Dec. 31 of 2019, but it is so fun to watch them grow up! If anyone has some tips for a newbie leo owner let me know! I want to give my babies the best possible lives.

This is Nugget, she’s the sploot master.

This is Milky when he was a baby. He is very shy so no good updated pictures unfortunately.

I am not so sure on morphs but I believe Nugget is a hypo carrot tail and Milky is a tremper albino. I got them from Petsmart so no way to know their genetics…
Correct me if I’m wrong!

Thank you for having me!


Hello and welcome! Cute lizards!

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Hi Renee! Indianapolis here, lived in the Midwest my whole life and moved here a couple years ago, welcome! And nice geckos!!

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Hi! I am a newbie reptile mama, too. I live in Illinois and got a ball python 3 weeks ago. He just had his first shed with me and looks gorgeous.


He is very cute, thanks for sharing! I hope he lives a nice long life with you. I’m jealous of such a cute ball! :blush:

Hi! I’m new too. Good to meet you and your babies are adorable!

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Hello, and welcome to the community. I just recently got my own leopard gecko, leos love to explore out of their aquariums, if you do this be sure to supervise them and let them explore different areas of the house and outside. Be sure to check their belly to make sure that it’s not cold, if it is then return them to a warm area, probably their aquarium.