Hello from the Netherlands!

Hello! My name is Karter and I’m a snake curious student. I enjoy music, diy projects, learning, snakes (duh) and just being myself. I use they/them pronouns and, at the time I’m writing this, am almost 18 years old. Don’t have any pets, sadly, but would love to have a ball python after I finally manage to move out.

Happy to be here!


Welcome Karter, happy to have you here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the family :blush:
As @wreckroomsnakes said, we are happy to have you here.
Hopefully we help encourage your love for snakes.

This is definitely the hobby for you as there is quite a lot of DIY that can be done (it’s not necessary though).

Here are a few threads…

DIY Hatchling Rack

DIY racks any thoughts tips or tricks

Also we use tags here, so if ever you see you are interested in a certain subject, make sure to look out for its tag… Like this #diy (this will take you to all the topics about DIY)

There is also a never ending amount of learning to be done, I’m sure some of the guys on here that have been keeping reptiles for 20+ years are still learning new things.

When you finally get around to owning your own snake don’t feel shy to ask any questions what so ever (also check to see if something has been asked before).

Hopefully you will be posting your own animals on here soon.


Thank you for the cool ideas and warm welcome!

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