Hello from the PNW!

Hi everyone! I’m an aspiring BP breeder with a penchant for either really light or really dark morphs. Right now I’ve only got 4 ball pythons, 3 of which Im planning on breeding and two of which will be ready to pair up next season. Like a good portion of hobbyists I started with a normal, got her as a rescue and she’s finally eating rats after a year of trying to switch her over! Moved on to a single gene, then moved right up to a (possibly) 5 gene guy, and recently dropped $600 on an adult lady who is absolutely gorgeous. Along with my ball pythons, I have one fire skink and a pacman frog. Here’s some pics if anyone’s interested!

Lucretia (F Normal)

Butterscotch (F Lesser)

Koma (M Superfly Leopard (poss Arroyo, 50% het TSK Ax)

Pandora (F Pewter Fader)

And here’s Prosciutto the fire skink as well as Bongwater the chocolate pacman frog:

I’ll probably be asking a lot of opinions on babies when I get the chance to get Koma and Pandora paired up! I’m hoping that he’s got arroyo, that’d make a lot of the possibilities world’s firsts as far as I know of! Hope to converse with you all more soon!


Welcome Lucretia, thanks for sharing your collection!

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I believe I have Koma’s brother! Did you get Koma from Powerline Reptiles?

Here’s my boy with the same Genes, his name is Adroanzi:


Yup, I totally did! Guess we both have to wait and see which one of em has arroyo lol! They look pretty similar but there’s enough of a difference that one of em is probably a 5 gene. That’s super cool that we have the two brothers, yours is super gorgeous!

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It’s amazing how much these animals vary even when they have the same possibly genes. Thanks your’s is stunning! I plan on breeding him to a normal to see what exactly comes out, hopefully at least one Arroyo.

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Yeah!!! Im breeding mine to that pewter fader, let me know if you prove out arroyo! Fingers crossed!

I sure will! :smiley:

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