Hello from The Royal Nest!

New here to the forums, and fairly new to the reptile hobby. I got my first normal girl back in August of 2018. I have 13 ball pythons and 1 boa.
My ball python collection:
1.0 Lesser
1.0 Cinnamon
1.0 Banana Yellowbelly
1.0 VPI Axanthic Spider
1.0 Vanilla Pastel het VPI Axanthic
1.0 Butter Spinner
1.0 Super Mystic
0.1 Normal
0.1 Super Mojave Pastel
0.1 Butter
0.2 Normal het Pied
0.1 Pastel het VPI Axanthic

I hope my butter spinner x butter pairing goes this year, my butter girl looks to be building some serious follicles. We’ll see though!


@trnreptilesWelcome aboard Holly! You’ve become addicted very quickly…you really can’t just keep one, can you?

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Thank you! I certainly did become addicted quickly! I grew up loving reptiles, so it wasn’t that hard for me haha
Wasn’t planning on breeding at first, but after doing all kinds of research and looking into the different morphs I decided I wanted to try getting into it!
So I ended up with a whole bunch of them for various breeding projects, and still have plans to get more, too!
Still watching my butter girl for that ovulation, if she does go I’ll be one happy snake mama. (Or grandma? :thinking:)

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