Hello from the smallest state!

So I’ve been lurking around, but I figured I’d finally make an intro post. :blush:

My name is Becky, and my husband Matt and I run what we call the Frueh Zoo. We ended up breeding crested geckos by mistake, and being here has helped SO MUCH.

I teach middle school, and love learning, so being here has already been a ton of fun. :blush:

We’ve got a slew of animals here.

-0.1 HGW 66%het ultramel BP
-0.1 salmon hypo jungle square back BCI
-0.3 “het” Lilywhite crested geckos (not entirely sure this is true but they make beautiful babies)
-1.0 red dal (I think) crestie
-9 crestie hatchlings
-0.2 bearded dragons
1.1 doggos.

I’m just realizing we have 20 animals. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I’ll post some pictures in a few, but thanks y’all for the already warm welcome. :purple_heart:

Drop your links:

Instagram: @fruehzoo


Hi @becksterlynn

I am happy to see that you got to write your introduction post! Welcome from out team, we are happy to have you here.

Also lily whites can’t be hets. The single copy is a visual lily white but super lily white is a double lethal.


We’d love to see some pics! Especially if the boa! Also, welcome to the community! I think you’ll find how supportive everyone here is😁


Thanks, lumpy!

Good to know. I only put it in quotes because that’s what we were told. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

She’s in my profile photo, and I just posted a few pictures over at the thread, but I’m processing some photos right now to post!

I was really nervous about opening up here, because I’m very hard on myself when I mess up, even if it’s lessons learned. But I’ve been loving it!


Trust me, I get it. There have been quite a few times that I have been wrong. This life is all a learning experience. I too, am very hard on myself. It is ok, this is a family that you can choose to belong to.


Yep! Always learning experiences!

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I apologize about the sizes. Still learning my new program.

But paging @ghoulishcresties and @foxreptile BABIES!

ETA: This was the only time we hand fed. :slight_smile:


Princess Peach for @garciademueller and @lumpy !



They don’t like chopped salads, and are consistently rearranging their cages.

And Aurora. I need to take more pictures of her after she’s not in blue. She’s so big now.


Soooooooo many awesome pics :star_struck:

I love the bearded dragons, makes me miss ours.

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I read the posts backwards :joy:🤦

So officially, welcome to the community :relaxed: it’s lovely to have you on board.

Yes, Lilly Whites and phantom Lilly Whites only, sorry no hets and Lilly White to Lilly White is lethal. I’ve got a few Lilly White offspring but not Lilly White.

Lots of pictures welcome :relaxed:

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They’re going to be 7 in January! They were actually my first reptile purchase after moving out of my parents’. I’d cared for beardies a few years before. I’m not sure if I’ll be getting more after them, but they absolutely crack me up.Java used to go a bunch of places with me.

Yeah, I wasn’t too sure on the Lilywhite bit. I kinda figured it wasn’t true because they were sold to my BFF cheap. I’d like to breed them again to obviously a different male to see what they produce. But that’s farther down the road. I want to get some better pictures of the adults for morph help. But to me, Kain looks like a red dal. But I’ll be asking the experts. :wink:

And by them, I mean Lily and Dhalia. Mad-eye’s not going to be bred again.

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Ugh look at them all!! So beautiful :heart_eyes:

And the babies 🥲 :heart:


Thank you! I love them all.

Mad-Eye. She lives to yeet herself as far as she can. I have to keep an eye out for her every time I open the enclosure. She comes outta nowhere. :joy:

Lily :purple_heart:


Ooooh they chunky! :heart_eyes:

Haha don’t all Cresties, I have a baby on my face the other day :roll_eyes:

Can we expect more babies from you? :yum:

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When sending pics of Cresties, try to get some of them fired up and if possible natural light

Just seen the pics :relaxed:

Cute Cresties. Fired up pics will help determine morph.

Yes, that’s the plan. Those were from our first handling session where I was taking pictures for fun. Also the only time I could actually get a picture of mad eye. She’s a nut. :joy:

The biggest issue is getting them fired up/down. I never catch them in time hahaha

You also don’t get ‘het’ lilywhites either.
If one of the parents is a Lilywhite then a baby can be produced. The babies that aren’t lilies can’t produce them.

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Babies look like a Dalmatian and a patternless.

You seem to have a bicolour female (Lily) and a patternless (Mad eye) :blush:

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