Hello from Vermont, a new person appears!

Hello! I wanted to introduce myself since I’ve been haunting around lately!

My name is Wren and I’m just a person in Vermont who loves her single corn snake, an 8 year old #amel named Vivi

Here she is sitting in a pot being super cute :slight_smile:


I just recently have been working on building her a new enclosure (after like a year or more of planning lol thanks covid for making it harder…) it’s almost done, well it’s awesome actually, I decked it all out, and she loves it (as much as a snake can enjoy something I guess!) I just need to build her a climby thing for it to take up more vertical space… anyway, that lead me thinking a lot

I love my snake, she is a really well mannered #colubrid and about 5 feet long now! I have had her since she was basically a hatchling and she has never bitten me or refused to eat, she’s not flighty, just curious; a truly lovely creature. I am thinking of getting another corn snake baby, just as another pet :smiley:

I figured what better place to hang out than where all the snakes are! I’ve got an idea of what I’d like my next corn to look like, but I’m not in a rush at all or too picky. It’s winter after all. I’d have to make him/her an enclosure and everything as well before I even think of bringing them home.

Here is a picture from earlier today while I was putting together her bin, before I cut in the windows and sewed in the mesh; can you spot my adult corn snake in her new enclosure? <3

This is how I learned she really loves sphagnum moss, btw! I got the hint, she’s getting her own moss Tupperware soon (when she goes into shed) lol

(Btw I do NOT want to breed my snake, I don’t know her ancestry, I don’t even know if my Vivi is a female, and I don’t want to make more snakes or anything like that, I just want a nice pet that looks gorgeous and is vibrant and healthy and takes frozen thawed!)

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk <3


Welcome Wren! Vivi is adorable :heart_eyes:


Welcome to the community Wren :blush:
Vivi is extremely cute :heart_eyes: and her enclosure looks :fire:.

I like your use of # tags aswel :wink: we need more of that :metal:.

I can see her little face poking out :blush:

I look forward to seeing more of Vivi and maaaaybe a friend in the future :crossed_fingers:

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Welcome to the community!!!


Super cute girl you got there!

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Welcome!! I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself here :grin:

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Welcome!! I love the enclosure I am in fact making a bioactive enclosure for my first leopard gecko named Mr. Light for his birthday :tada: