Hello from Vermont!

Hi there MorphMarket community!!!

We are Chris and Shaina Robinson from southern Vermont. I (Shaina) have always had a huge love for snakes but I had only ever owned one (Bubbles) that I had gotten back in 2013. When Chris and I met, he wasn’t really into snakes but he grew to love her. At the beginning of Covid, he and I decided that we were finally going to quit smoking cigarettes and we succeeded! So with the money that we had saved, we were able to expand our collection of ball pythons and we started breeding this last season. It’s been an amazing start with 3 clutches and one being 16 eggs!! Chris works from home and I’m a store manager/head butcher at our local grocery store. We also have 3 kids that keep us on our toes! Matthew who is 14, Aiden who is 10 and Lana who is 5. It’s a busy life but we love it and wouldn’t change it for anything! I’ll post some pics of the babies we produced this year (if I can figure it out lol) We are so excited to be a part of this community :green_heart::snake:

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Welcome back guys.
That’s a beautiful baby Pied.

Congratulations to you both on your strength to quit smoking. I smoked for 31 years and was able to quit. It’ll be 5 years come November 7th. I know how tough it can be.

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Beautiful collection. My husband works remotely at Middlebury College in Vermont, so we go up there to visit occasionally. I find it to be pretty relaxing. It’s not to fast paced or anything and the scenery is beautiful. Especially during the winter.

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Welcome to our community! I am so happy that you all chose this community to get plugged into, I am sure you won’t regret it. I can’t wait to see what you both have to bring to this community. I love the banana pied btw. Welcome again!


Nice BP! I’m across the river in NH. Love being back in New England. Good luck w your breeding projects…

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Thank you!

Thank you! It was always a dream to produce pieds and this season was it!

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Thank you! We’ve moved away from Vermont before and always end up coming back. It’s definitely where we call home.

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Thank you! It was something we talked about for years and just couldn’t get the strength to do it. Now that we have, the difference in life is amazing! Congratulations to you on quitting as well!

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