Hello from Zealandia Reptiles

Hey Everyone! My name is Nicole and my husband and I are hobbyist breeders of high quality Leachianus and Gargoyle geckos. We have been keeping reptiles for 20+ years but just started out with New Caledonian geckos in the last five years. We are proponents of naturalistic vivarium set ups and care deeply about the health and welfare of our animals as well as responsible/ethical continuation of the species we breed. We have our first batches hatchlings hatching and becoming available for sale over the next couple of months. Check out our animals at www.instagram.com/gkkogirl


@zealandiareptiles Welcome aboard Nicole! Can’t wait to see some of your Geckos, I’ve always been fascinated by them. Would love to see some of your setups as well!

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Thank you! I have lots off picture up on my instagram if you would like to check it out www.instagram.com/gkkogirl