Hello! I am new(ish) to the reptile world

I say newish because I have had my snake for four years, but haven’t ventured into the reptile community at all. The way she came into my life was as a rehome from an abandonment situation that left me no choice but to step in and take her, even though I had never owned a reptile and had no intention of owning one. She was four months old, her tank was pine bedding, one open ended tube hide, a little water bowl, and nothing else - no heat source, no real cover, nothing! She was unfriendly and bit often. She was an acquaintance’s ex-girlfriend’s pet, and when she dumped him, she left Vena with him, and as he was resentful towards her, he did not see her as worthy of his attention. She grew fast once I took her on and learned how to care for her. I understand rosy boas are not a particularly popular species but she has made me a fan!! I love them and I would love more info about them - I have learned about different morphs but still don’t feel confident identifying what she would be called. I have made my fair share of mistakes as well as a beginner keeper. I thought moving her into a roomy 40 gal with a ton of fun new hides and features would be awesome for her, but she immediately stopped eating and it took me a lot of trial and error to realize she was stressed out in her new enclosure. Back in a 20gal she’s almost back to normal but is still refusing frozen and will only take live feedings, which is not my preference but seems to be what’s best for her for now. I’m open to feedback and advice and excited to talk to other rosy boa lovers!!


Welcome! What a gorgeous Rosy you have! It looks like she could be a Coastal, but I’m a casual fan not an expert. (Coastal is the morph I’d like someday- they’re from my ancestral home!)


Thank you!! I think she’s so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome to the forum. Well done rescuing this little one and giving her a good life. Rosy Boas are awesome little snakes with a fair number of fans and keepers here on the forum.


Welcome to the MRC family, that is such a wholesome story. I’m glad that she fell into your care and that she was able to charm you into the wonderful world of snakes! She is very very pretty. I am not a sand boa person, I’ve never personally owned one but there are a ton of people here who are obsessed with them!


Welcome to the community! Your story of care for a Vena, a creature you didn’t want but have come to love, is beautiful. It couldn’t have been easy initially, considering her challenges caused by her tough situation. I’m so happy that things have worked out well. Vena is a lucky girl. Glad to have you here.


Welcome! Your Rosy is beautiful! I don’t know much about them but am very interested to learn. I’m glad she found a home with you and you both have enriched each others lives! That’s what it’s all about. Can’t wait to see more of this pretty gorgeous girl


Welcome to you and little Vena! I love stories with happy endings! She is very sweet looking curled up in her water bowl! I have a baby rosy boa. Do you keep Vena’s water bowl in with her all the time? I have read pros and cons about water bowls and rosy boas so I’m just wondering what you do with Vena.

Welcome again! This is a wonderful place! :heart::blush::snake:


that’s a really cool looking snake