Hello identifying please

Hello! I have a male that I’m questioning. Hatch date of February 2020. He was sold as a pewter. The breeder says the pairing was Black Widow x Pastel, but when I entered these on the morph market calculator, single gene pewter wasn’t one of the possibilities for that pairing. Just wanted double check. Thank you

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im not so good in bp morphs but thats definitely a pewter maybe has something else

Your snake would be a Black Pewter with that pairing. A regular Pewter is from a Cinnamon Pastel combo, while Black Pewter is from a Black Pastel and Pastel combo.

Ok. Thank you. I thought so, but he was sold as a single gene pewter. Since he’s mislabeled one hatchling, would you take a look at another from that clutch? Just to verify she is a single gene spider?
Best pics I have of her at the moment, as well

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I agree with @walkergirl on that. Also, pewter is not a single gene. It’s a two gene combination

Right. He was sold to me as a single gene. The little spider female though, I just wanted to verify was, in fact, a single gene spider because that black pewter came from the same clutch and was mislabeled

She looks like a single gene spider but may possibly have one extra gene just because the pattern looks slightly different than a standard spider but she could just be a nice example of a normal spider

some people don’t make differentiations with pewter and black pewter, just depends on the breeder. Although i feel someone who is new to genetics should be told if they are working with cinnamon vs black pastel. With that said you have a black pewter (black pastel pastel) and a spider.

I appreciate it. This is only his second year as a breeder

I’d have to agree with Nate on the spider.
Most likely a single gene spider, but it’s pattern is a little different and it’s color seems to be brighter than spiders I’ve kept. The color difference I’m seeing could be because of the natural sunlight too.
Either way, that is a very pretty spider!

if you get the chance, would love to see better pics of the spider. Was the spider from the same clutch as the black pewter?

the spiders head seems unique

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I will definitely get more pictures tomorrow. She was from the same clutch, yes. Actually… I have a picture of the entire clutch. It’s preshed but it’s all I’ve got


Awesome Thanks. Yep based on that just a really pretty spider


I would agree with @wreckroomsnakes.
With that pairing it would be pretty obvious if there was another gene in your spider.
But that’s one hell of a spider! Very beautiful.


Thank you all :blush: