Hello, just researching

Hello everyone, if you want you can call me Zoë (or Boa, I guess. I chose that username because I adore boas and it started around the same time as my obsession with dragons).I mostly have this account to familiarize myself with certain species/morphs I’m interested in before I’m finally ready to have a pet to call my own, and maybe even a breeding business in the further future.

A little background on me: I actually helped take care of a reptile before. She was a bearded dragon who was given to my family (and eventually she was given to another person for emotional support and so she could have more time to be cared for) and she was the most favorite pet I’ve ever had so far. I grew up in a cat household, but we also had a singular male betta twice, up to five guinea pigs before rehoming them, and I have also handled friends’ pet rats, hamsters, and frogs, as well as wild tortoises and toads. I’m simply an animal lover through and through.

I like snakes, especially boas, as well as lizards, amphibians, and some invertebrates (specifically the scorpion-like arachnids, millipedes, crabs and beetles). I’m also interested in rodents honestly, although that’s not the focus of this forum (and no, it doesn’t bother me that many snakes need rodents to eat - both are able to be compassionate companions and eventually will have an end, but honestly I prefer having a pet that lives longer).

Anyway, hope to learn a lot and glad to know about this site!


Welcome! This is one of the best places you can be when you start with your reptile keeping journey. Along with boas, what species are you hoping to be able to keep in the future?

Anyway, I can’t wait to see you around here and see you get your first boa, and then the next… and then 7 more. All I can say is reptiles are addictive. And I have heard boas are one of the worse ones (in how awesome they are that you want more) out there.


I already want so many snakes, to be honest. I’m hoping to start with a boa constrictor imperator (which is honestly one of my favorite species), I also would like at least one emerald tree boa (another favorite species), sand boa, Dumeril’s boa and maybe viper boa. I’m also interested in a few python species (some ball python morphs, white-lipped python and carpet python), garter snakes and hognoses. Bullsnakes also sound interesting but I don’t know as much about them yet.

When it comes to lizards, I honestly would really like to have beardies again, and uromastyx are also quite appealing to me because they are so similar to beardies. A quite a few skinks are also really appealing to me, especially the blue-tongue and monkey tails (that later will be much later, but I’d be interested in breeding captive specimens). If I get the space one day, I might get a tegu, although to be honest a tegu would be one of the few monitors I’d consider keeping (not because I’m not interested, but because a lot of monitors need very special care or a lot of space that I don’t think is realistic for me if I want to get deep into the hobby). For invertebrates I have been looking into millipede colonies, but tailless whip scorpions and land crabs have fascinated me since I was a kid.

I like a lot of arboreal species of reptiles and frogs (in fact, the first frog I’ve ever held was a green tree frog! it was a nice experience), and I tend to like animals that are pretty big for the kind of animal they are, so that’s kind of my general interest.


Well, I for one am partial to my crested geckos… But like you, I’m also waiting to get my first snakes as well! I’ll probably end up with a boa too:)


For some people a BCI/BCC Boa can be a great first snake, and it sounds like you’re the type who will be researching properly and have a great shot at a fantastic time with your boa!