Hello let me introduce myself

Hi my names Ben and i’ve had an interest in reptiles since January of 2022 and on September 22nd i got a leopard gecko that i named Gabriel from petco.

I’ve been on MorphMarket since maybe june when i found out about it.

I have 21 pets 4 Cats, One Dog, 15 Chickens, and of course my Leopard Gecko

I take care of my animals with my parents and they have said maybe if i can get invertebrate/Amphibian/Reptile as I don’t have that much space in my room

I really only have one pictures of 4 of the animals


Glad you introduced yourself! Nice looking leopard gecko! I also really like the pup, looks like a St. Bernard! There is a lot of great info here for you to look through. Also if you have any questions everyone will be happy to help out if they can! Thanks again!

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The reason he looks like a st bernard is he is a s bernard


Welcome to the family!

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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome! Your pets are all very cute :grinning:

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