Hello, name's Gin!

Hey Morph Market community!

I’m Gin and my main reptile passions are Ball Pythons and Leopard Geckos! I’m an artist and crafter who owns my own art/craft business, Cyberknife Studios. I’m a huge Transformers nerd, lol! I currently own 2 balls and 2 leopard geckos who I’ll introduce below :slight_smile:

First my lovely lady, Astrid! Super snow Eclipse and a total sweetheart to boot! She’s also the most chill member of the family, lol!

Second, my little man, Hiccup! I believe he’s a regular Mack Snow. He’s a feisty little guy!!

Third, my man Atlas! Such a pretty Piebald!!! He’s a picky little booger, lol!!

And finally, the newest member, my little guy, Overlord! He’s a super black pastel, het pied, paradox. Absolute stunner and I knew he was a dream snake the moment I saw him! He’s still settling in so I’m waiting for his true personality to come through~


I couldn’t figure out how the super black pastel was a paradox for like 3 minutes and then I reread it and it finally clicked in my extremely tired brain :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: You have amazing animals and welcome to the community!

I have a really bad habit of finding the exact snakes posted and all I can say about Overloard is he was worth every single one of the 1,975,000 penny price tag. If you want me to remove this last part just let me know


Yeah, the little orange spot on his tail is kinda hidden in the picture and hard to spot, lol!!

Thank you so much!! And no worries about saying Overlord’s price!! I don’t mind :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! I would love to see pics of your art or crafts as well! Overlord is such a cool looking snake!


Welcome to the community @mnemosurgeons! We are certainly glad to have you here! Your geckos are so cute and I especially love the name “Hiccup”!

And of course your ball pythons are really nice and definitely unique! I don’t think I have ever seen a ball python quite like Overload! Btw his name is unique as well!

Hopefully you will stick around and enjoy the great people! And trust me, if you have reptile questions they’ve got answers! :blush:


Thank you so much!! He really is a handsome little guy~

Here’s some pics of my art and some of the crafts I do! I mainly work with anthropomorphic animals and Transformers for art related things, and for crafts I make dog collars, resin crafts, hand paint wooden crates, etc and then I make costume accessories for the furry fandom :slight_smile: I’ve got my hands in a little bit of everything, lol!!!


Thank you so much!! I’m happy to be here, and I’m glad that the community here is so knowledgeable! It’s nice to know I have a place to go with any questions my close friends (and fellow keepers) can’t answer!


Yes @mnemosurgeons and remember that there are no dumb questions here and you will be treated with respect!

And your crafts are eye popping! You are definitely blessed with an artistic gift! :+1::sunglasses:


Adorable little critters. A couple of my favs.

Also that furry badge looks sweet. Love the collars too.


Do you sell your work anywhere? I think you and @cmills will get along pretty well. I wish I was good at art :joy:


I do! I sell my art work commissions through ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/mnemosurgeons/commissions), my furry accessories through my website store (www.cyberknifestudios.com), and my dog collars and other crafts through mine and my friend’s joint Etsy store (vvitchesinthevvoods - Etsy)

I totally believe anyway can be great at art, it just takes practice :slight_smile:


Welcome Gin! Lovely little ones you got there. I’m not much into Transformers, or any art community either, but love the expressive style you use!