Hello. Newish BP momma

I’ve wanted a ball python for quite a while and finally bit the bullet around may and bought one from a breeder off of MorphMarket. Was hesitant because i heard keeping a tank the right humidity and temp was hard and balls can be difficult eaters. Learned later about tubs and pvc enclosures so i felt less intimidated. Helps that bp’s can be kinda hardy.

I introduce Mr. Bo Nanners my pastel, leopard, pinstripe, yellow belly, pos. Enchi, 100% het for pied.

Got him because he looks like an old banana, i love him dearly. He’s a fantastic eater and sheds beautifully.


Hello and welcome!

Mr Bo Nanners is super cute! I love how photogenic he is.


Thankyou. He’s a scaredy snake, so its sometimes hard to get him to stay still.


Welcome to the community, @moonxtal . I’ve been admiring Mr. Bo Nanners on some of your other posts, but wanted to bid you an official welcome!

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Thankyou thankyou! Hes so cute i can’t help but take lots of pictures of him. He’s like a little dog with his head sticking out of his hides :heart_eyes::two_hearts:


He is indeed adorable. It’s lovely that he’s got a properly appreciative human around to take and share his picture!

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Bo Nanner is cute as a button! And very photogenic btw! And by all means take and post all the pictures you want! Because we love reptile pictures, and lots of them!!! :+1::blush:

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