Hello, The Ball Python Project

Hey guys, my name is Matt for those who dont know me. I’m a small business from Pa focused on breeding Ball Pythons. I’m open to helping others with guidance on where to begin with their collection, project ideas and other general needs from within this hobby. I’m focussing on recessive projects as well as darker morphs from angles that I have yet to see. Innovation amazes me within this community and I hope to bring that same vision and expectations to this world.


Welcome to the group Matt! I’m a sucker for recessive stuff as well

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Hey Matt. I share your passion for Recessive morphs! I am working on several Double Recessive Puzzle combos at the moment as well as Axanthic Hypo combos. Very long term goals but well worth the effort. I look forward to seeing what you are producing.


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Thanks. Same here. Itll be fun seeing what everyone produces this season. Ots only getting better!

I’m from pa as well and just got my first ball python, a pastel het clown male, I was always into rosy boas but I wanted to go a little bigger and get into morphs. I can know go to all the expo’s with fresh eyes, the ball pythons will be more than just pretty now, now I’ll be looking for certain morphs etc.

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figured out how to get pictures postposted here. This is my sweetheart Lincoln.