Hello to the community

Hi there!
My name is Sasha with Midas Morphs from Florida and I’m new to Herpetoculture!
I’ve just gotten in to the hobby, and bought my first two ball pythons! I couldn’t be happier finding so much passion in my new found hobby!
I love these animals, they are beautiful and hypnotic!
I would eventually like to get in to breeding ball python’s, but I have a few years of experience to gain before diving in to that adventure.
Just wanted to put a hello out there to the community!


Welcome to the MM community, always good to have more reptile enthusiasts with us!
And congrats on your first 2 ball pythons, I warn you tho…keeping snakes can ben very addictive :grin:.


Welcome! I’m in FL as well :facepunch:t2:

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Welcome to the community Sasha! :smiley:

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Hello and welcome!

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Oh noo! I dont need anymore (snake) tattoos!!!

Nice to “meet” you
Happy you chose this community

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