Help Ball Python head missing scales/scars

First time snake owner. Ive had him for more than a month now. He likes being handled and he has been feeding well , i noticed these strange missing scales or scars not sure what it is but im worried about it. Any advice is appreciated.

It is either stuck shed or a head rub from trying to escape. Head rubs can also be from an animal being stressed. How often do you handle them? There is such a thing as too much handling, and I don’t think BPs actually “enjoy” handling.


Missing scales from head rubbing is not unusual, just a cosmetic issue. As long as it’s not red/raw or oozing your snake will be fine.


Yeah i meant enjoy as in hes not defensive or stressed he doesnt mind it , i handle him about 3-4 times a week , i dont handle him atleast 3 days after a meal