Help Burmese hasn’t been eating and losing some weight

Got a Burmese that’s almost a year and only like 680 grams he weighed around 780 when he stopped eating around a month ago maybe a month and a half not really sure I own 14 snakes and only have that that’s off food which one is a ball python but I know that’s normal but my Burmese is young and I feel like he’s on the smaller side and I can’t get him to eat for anything hes always been picky and only ate live but now he won’t even eat live And he has never ate a mouse always turns them down and I’ve tried both like 4 or 5 times within the month or month in half that he hasn’t ate so my question is what should I do? I feel like he’s slimming down

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What prey items are you offering? Only mice? If so, try rats, or chicks.


May we get some pictures of the animal in question? It would be nice to see body condition over just knowing the numbers.


How big was he when you got him? Did he eat any meals with you? What is the enclosure size, humidity, and temperature?

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Haven’t been on here turns out he hates rats and mice and only eats birds has been slamming food now or quails lol

Well, it will make feeding him chickens later in life easier lol.

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Get read for stinky and runny poops. I would try and get him switched over to rats and rabbits. It will be much nicer for you when he is big. You can still use chicken or quail to change up their diet sometimes. Give them a nice variety.

When I used to own Burms and feed chicken to them, there poop was nasty.
I hated dealing with the smell, so I went back to rats and rabbits for them.

It was fun feeding 12 chicken legs to one burm. He would just slowly take them from my hand one after another.

Take care

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See that is why I love working with big snakes. Experiences like that are priceless!