Help confirming Adult & Baby Crested Gecko Morphs

Hi there, hoping to confirm morphs. Just want to be as accurate as possible when I do post the babies for sale in a few months.

Sharing pictures of 1 adult male who was paired with two separate adult females. As well as pictures with their current hatchlings.

The male (Aries) I purchased 2 yrs ago from a breeder at a show. They were super eager to get rid of him, said he did not turn out the way they wanted. I personally think he’s stunning. The breeder shared with me that Aries’s mom was a full pin white wall and that his father was a lily. I am assuming that Aries is a full pin white wall. He does have white on his under side on his stomach but not so much under his tail. Would love to hear what yall think he is.

Female/Mom 1: Echo. Echo I also purchased from a breeder, different breeder than Aries. I was told Echo is a white wall and pin and that both of her parents and grandparents were also white walls and pins. I would like to hear people’s thoughts here, just to confirm.

Female/Mom 1: Splat. Splat was given to me as a gift. Splat I was told is a Red with portholes and a possible cappuccino. I do not have information on Splats parents. A couple breeders I showed photos of Splat to also said possible cap - noting her tail coloration at the tip, the V at the base and the way her pins are. Again looking for opinions here.

I also would appreciate thoughts on what the babies are. Being honest and labeling everyone accurately is super important to me. Thank you in advanced for everyone’s time and expertise here.


Wow! You surely have some really cool cresties! I can’t help you but I certainly enjoyed all the pictures! You will get your answers soon!

Best of wishes for success in your future! :pray::+1:


thank you very much. you’re always so kind, welcoming and encouraging on my posts. really makes for a great experience.


Well thank you @the_gecko_domain! I love it here so it’s easy to share my enthusiasm! It’s always great to interact with fellow “reptilian” lovers. I have a little crestie that I purchased at Petsmart about 2 years ago and he was so tiny you could hardly find him! Now he is just the chubbiest, sweetest little friendly thing! His name is Mimosa but he’s Mim for short.

Just wanted to share! :blush:


Since the parents aren’t fully proven gene-wise it’s difficult to say what the babies are with 100% certainty either, but these are the assumptions i would have if I was looking to buy them based on the parents and their own phenotype, and what i’d aim to try and prove (:

Aries: Looks like a black/dark-based full-pin whitewall/whiteout with snowflaking. Pattern on his dorsal as well as how some of the babies came out, makes me think pos het EB, but that would have to be proven.

Echo: Not a whitewall but a whiteout (het-form) i’d say. Dark/Black-based. Again could be het EB, but would have to be proven properly, could also just be some funky pattern. But all of the babies from the this pairing that you posted look pos het EB so at least one of them should have it.

Splat: Definitely not a red with portholes, looks dark/black-based. I agree that she looks pos capp. If not a capp, then she’s just a harlequin pin-dash. Would have to be proven.

I’d assume all are pos het EB full pin whiteouts, last one is a full quadstripe

1: Harlequin with portholes.
2: Pos het EB partial quadstripe, probably whiteout but difficult to tell.
3: Harlequin Partial Pinstripe, can’t really tell what’s going on on the laterals.


Harlequin Whitewall pinstripe with Dalmatian spots and has the snowflake trait!

Harlequin pinstripe, not a partial quad as too many dashes on other side unfortunately but defo worth pairing her to a quad!

Extreme Harley pin dash with tiger and Dal spots.

Harlequin pinstripe.

Harlequin partial pinstripe with Dal spots and tiger.


To start thank you very much for everything you shared, this is really helpful! I did have a couple follow up questions, I am new to breeding, so trying to learn as much as possible.

For Splat - my plan next year is to pair her with a full red male - no pattern - would this pairing help start proving/disproving the possible Capp? Are there other things I would need to do to prove/disprove this or other traits?

For the babies, 3 of them are 2 months old sitting at 3grams, and the other 3 are 1 month old sitting around 2 grams. Would it be a good idea to check back in, in a few months when they are larger and have had more sheds? I am keeping an excel tracker so my plan was to make dated notes and compare in a few months.

For the “pos het EB” does this mean they are positive for heterozygous version of empty back? Or does the “Pos” mean possible? I am assuming EB - means empty back off a google search, is that due to them having little pattern on their backs?

Do you think that Aries and Echo are a good pair? If not what would be examples of better options for them?

And last - say everything stays as is as they get older for the babies - would I label aries/echos babies as “Pos Het EB, Full Pin Whiteout” - would people know what this means or would it be better to just put Full Pin Whiteout/Full Quad for the 1? Similar question for Aries and Splat babies - from your experience is it better to be very specific in their labeling, or put a general labeling and then add more detail in their profile?

I have no intention of posting any of these babies until they are around 6-8 grams. So I know they have a lot more growing to do. Thank you again for your time and help here

I love chubby cresties. Id love to see a picture of him!

  1. No the only thing that would prove capp for sure is to breed it to another capp to create the super form. Capp is an incomplete dominant trait. You could also try and pair her to an LW to get a better idea, since frapps are pretty distinct-looking. It won’t be 100% certain, but if you’re able to create frapp-looking animals, the chance of her being capp is even higher. No pattern would mean it’s a phantom, so it could prove whether or not she’s het phantom, if you’re interested in that.
    Basically, if you have a pos for an incomplete dominant gene like capp, you want to pair it to at least a confirmed het or even better a super/hzg. If you have a recessive gene like phantom, you want to pair it to a visual/hzg.

  2. Checking again in a few months might make it easier to see traits like whiteout or the different pattern-colours, so it’s not a bad idea. Their colours are often pretty muddled together at first in my experience, it gets easier to tell the different colours/expressions apart as they grow. Traits like hypo, dalmatian, and snowflake also tend to develop as they gecko grows.

  3. Pos means possible, EB is also an incomplete dominant like capp, so you’d have to make supers from either of the parents or the babies to know for sure. Like you said it presents as reduced pattern on the back typically forming a line from the tail to the neck, being stronger near the tail. They also typically have pretty strong pinning, but they can have breaks here and there. EB is typically a bit more obvious than capp though and can sometimes be confirmed just by looking at the gecko, however it varies, some are pretty hard to spot visually especially if the parents aren’t proven. Especially baby 1 + 3 from Aries and Echo look like they have it based on what i know of how hets typically present, but since nothing has been proven in the parents, it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution and just label them as pos until you know more.

  4. I think they’re a nice pair, but if you don’t get any super-EBs out of them this season, i would find a 100% het or preferably a super EB for each of them to prove them out. Considering both pairings have at least one that looks pos EB, i’d say the male likely has it, but again prove it, just to be safe.

  5. I think it really depends on the person tbh, since the knowledge of genetics in crested geckos is still fairly new, some people appreciate a more specific labelling, others a more “old-school” one. I personally like the specific ones, but others don’t. There isn’t really a good answer tbh. I guess like you said a more general one, with specifics in the description might be a good alternative?


Well he’s actually not that chubby but he looks like it because he’s a little frog butt!


Here’s one more I just took! Ok now I’m done!


I’d say harlequin for this Gecko

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Thank you @foxreptile! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::+1:

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With pin dashing x


I always forget about pin dash :sweat_smile:


It’s one of my fav traits haha.
Dashing I prefer over partial or full :smiling_face_with_tear:

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