Help feeding baby scarlet king

Hi all!
I’ve kept snakes all my life but this is my first Scarlet. I didn’t realize they fed exclusively on ground skinks when they’re born.
Does anyone have one I can buy ? Dead or alive or even just a tail?
Btw… I tried an anole, newborn pink and a salamander. No luck. Even washed the pinkie. No luck

Other options to try:

  • House or mourning geckos
  • Tadpoles
  • Small frogs
  • Minnows/silver sides/rosies
  • Earthworms
  • Lizard scent (can be purchased or made) on a pink or a mouse tail

Boiling pinky mice works well for grey banded king snake hatchlings, I would be tempted to try it.

I fill a small pyrex dish with water, then transfer just that water to a small pan to bring it to a boil. I place the frozen pinky in the pyrex dish, and pour the boiling water over it.

Please use caution and a quality container. Pyrex can withstand the shock, but most other glass may shatter. A metal container might be a fair alternative.

Place the boiled pinky in the enclosure after it has cooled some, and leave it alone. I usually go for overnight, only checking the next morning.


Maybe its the individual snake that counts, but i have got Scarlets onto little pinkies in the past.
It was not a babies though. I did lizard sent them though and stick some lizard shed on the pinky with water.
Edit, obviously skin the lizard had shed


I love this


Thanks guys!
I tried a brained pink. No luck
I’ll try the boil tonight. If that doesn’t work in gonna force feed a mouse tail.

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I’ll try a Rosie today. Can’t find anything else.
Do you know where I can get lizard scent?
Can’t find anything for sale online.
I even tried wrapping the pink in my cornsanke shed skin.

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Or you can make your own. But some people might not be too keen on how to go about that so I am not going to post it on the open board. But if you want to shot me a message I can talk you through it


Update. Well nothing worked except a live ground skink. I force fed her 1 mouse tail twice. Then she killed and ate a live ground skink. So I hope she will take pinkies after this. But I would like to replace that skink I found. So if anyone knows where i can get
ground skinks please let me know. I want to breed them and add some back into the wild. Thanks!

Oh and she’s like the Trex in Jurassic Park. She doesn’t want to be fed. She wants to hunt.
Because leaving her in a container with the lizard never worked. She only ate it when I left it in her tank over night.
Idk what it is but I love this breed even more and now want to breed


Whatever you do, do not release captive bred or LTC out into the wild. It risks the safety of the population due to foreign bacteria and a few other things. Such things should be left to professionals for highly endangered species where no other option is available.


Never thought about that. Thanks!