Help finding fire skinks

So I am planning on starting my first breeding project to produce fire skinks since almost all are wild caught. the biggest issue is that I only have the room for 2 (and the offspring just not more adults) and can’t find any guaranteed males/females for sale anywhere. I am up for wild caught if that is what it takes because all the captive bred fire skinks I have seen are juveniles are sold unsexed and sell quickly. I really need help finding them and if anyone knows a good and trusted place to find them then I would be very happy. thanks in advance!

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You could consider purchasing a group, pick the 1.1 you want to work with and then sell the others.


Keep an eye out here:

I don’t see any right now, but I have seen them there pretty frequently. You could just search for ‘fire’ within the skink category and I think that would bring them all up. If you look at the skink category with ‘for sale’ as well as ‘sold’ selected, you’ll be able to see who has sold fire skinks in the past.


I was thinking of doing this but I don’t think my parents would like the idea of getting more than 2 :sweat_smile: