Help? Has anyone experienced this?

I ordered from a seller on this site and their profile says quick response time, usually within 4 hours… I bought a ball python 4 days ago, they replied immediately when I was paying but since then I haven’t heard anything? I sent several messages since then but still haven’t heard anything? I was expecting my python to arrive yesterday but when It didn’t, I messaged them again and still no response. Has this happened to anyone else? Did you ever get a response or receive the reptile?

To be honest I don’t have any personal experience with shipping snake’s but am just using common sense. I don’t know what the weather conditions are in the area you live or the place the snakes are coming from, but maybe it has something to do with weather. I know there are limits to the weather conditions they can ship them in. Or maybe it’s not possible to ship a snake the same day. It also depends on the breeder. Is this his core business or is it someone who still has to do his normal dayjob to earn his income. I know when I have to work I hardly have time to do grocery shopping, let’s not even to talk about shipping a snake. After all we are talking about living animals and not just some shoes which they can send 24/7. Four days doesn’t sound to long to me, although…I know if you’re really waiting for new snakes every minute takes to long :grinning: but it was weekend four days ago so in general have people more time to react.

Maybe you should just give it like two days rest and wait to see if you get a reaction. If still not, try to see wether they listed a telephonenumber so you can call them, or maybe some social media connection?!

I do understand you are anxious to hear about your snakes. Hope you get them soon.

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I would be pretty skeptical… I have purchased several ball pythons from different breeders on MorphMarket and all of them have been very responsive to my messages especially after I have made the purchase. How did you pay? If you don’t hear back from them soon I would definitely try to revoke payment if you can. I understand most enthusiasts have day jobs, as do I, but we are talking about your money here. If he/she doesn’t have the decency to communicate with you after having received payment they shouldn’t be doing business. Even with a family emergency a breeder should have the respect to send a quick message letting you know what’s up. It doesn’t take two minutes to type a quick update. It may be harsh of me but if they are going to sell anything live or not they need to have the appropriate business ethics when messing with other people’s money.



I agree with this completely, especially if they set a specific shipping date and did not meet it.


Have you looked at their seller profile carefully?
What was discussed in during the initial conversation?
As a couple others have pointed out what is the weather at the sending and receiving locations, what contact methods are listed for seller? Did the seller request nearest hub?
Is there currently any shipping blackouts through SYR or whoever they are using to ship?
You said you were expecting delivery already, did you get a tracking number?

I have had a seller seemingly go MIA on me for almost 2 weeks, came down to MM messaging system was having some issues, resolved with a phone call. Had another one with a freak temperature drop day before shipping and rolled into Christmas shipping blackout for almost a month. I had another I almost lost due to flight grounding and a day and a half delay.

Check their seller page, note any other contact information, website, instagram, email, phone number, etc. Review what they have posted for shipping procedures and who they ship through. If it is SYR check their site to see if there is a current blackout for shipping. If you recieved a tracking number check the status of the tracking number. Also have they changed the listing to sold or on hold? If not I would verify payment has been received.

If it were me after checking everything I listed I would attempt to contact at every other listed contact. I would allow 24-48 hours for a response, if at the 48 hours still nothing I would file a dispute with paypal, your credit card company, or whichever payment service you used.

As others have mentioned there could be a number of mitigating factors, biggest of which is a lot of sellers on here are not “full time breeders” they have regular jobs and real life issues that come up. Hopefully that is the case here.


@Kitten from a buyer stand point I can completely agree that this is not acceptable, especially when people are quick to communicate to get the funds but not so much when the funds were transferred.

From the seller stand point I know that things happen (been there done that) however regardless of what may happen I always make sure that my customers are up to date, email when payment is received, email to schedule the info, and email once the animal has shipped letting the customer know that the animal is on it’s way. For me the only way I would not communicate every step of the way would be if I was in a comma, other than that even if away for the weekend at a show I always communicate especially with someone awaiting their animal. 4 days is just too long not to return an email especially in the days of smart phones allowing people to be online at any time and check their emails.

Sure something can have happen but I can understand while you may be getting a bit worried after 4 days without any type of communication.

Do you have a phone number where you have tried to reach them? Sometimes emails do not get through for whatever reasons.

Since you mentioned finding the seller on MM did you check your messages there to see if you message was read and if so when the last message was read?

While weather can be a tricky issue this time of the year communication is key, if the animal was set to arrive today it should have arrived today or the seller should have notify the buyer on the day shipping should have occur to let them know that due to the weather shipping and delivery are postponed (last minute weather change do happen)


Thank you! I got a refund from my bank and will be trying another seller! I’m not discouraged in anyway with this site since everyone said most sellers on here arnt like the one I ordered from! You guys are awesome!