Help ID a clown 🖤

This beautiful girl was produced by a pastel blade clown dame, and a leopard black pewter het clown sire. She looks more than just a silverstreak (super pastel black pastel) clown, to me. So you think she’s got Leo and Blade in there, perhaps?

First two pics are after first shed, the wet pics are freshly hatched.

I’d love to see examples if anyone has supporting evidence of blade/leo/black pastel mixed. :blush:


I don’t think blade, possibly Leopard though?

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These are my current thoughts as well!

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I think you have leopard in there! Super super nice I love silver/grey snakes! I would say no on blade. For disclosure clown combos are not my expertise.


It would be really cool if her head stays completely white. She’s my first visual clown produced, and I couldn’t be happier.

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I bet it does! When there heads are so washed out that there white the ones I’ve raised up always keep the white head.

You definitely started with the heat lol! Congratulations super nice hatchling!

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