Help ID a rescue

Just picked up this 3 year old male. No info on anything, all I know is, is he’s skinny and very underfed (admitted by the old owner). He was fed 10 crickets once a week, “sometimes”. And dried freezed mealworms here and there. I’ve never owned a leo before, but I’m very curious on what possible morph he could be? He wasn’t staying still when I went for photos lol. Cleaning the tank he came with right now, looks like there’s mold in some places :sob:


Awwww, poor little guy. Glad you’ll be taking over for him.

He’s honestly not that skinny IMO. He can use a bit of a better amount for feeding and good vitamin supplements, but he’s still has some decent weight to the body and tail.
The stuck shed and dirty cage are bigger issues for sure. Even then though, his toes don’t look too bad from these photos. A nice humid hide should help him get that cleared up.

As far as morphs go. Normal looking eyes. Judging by the back of the neck and the tail, he’s a Murphy’s patternless. He’s also pretty stressed out! So once he settles in and gets a good schedule worked out with you, he’ll probably brighten up to a nice pale yellow all over with a tiny bit of bright yellow or orange at the base of the tail.
Anything else is kinda difficult to tell because of stress and how MP will wipe away markings.

Congrats on the little guy


I didn’t know stress could affect his colors! That’s interesting. I can’t wait for his “glow up” :two_hearts: I got him some calcium powder without D3, and he already ate some mealworms and crickets for me. He’s very friendly despite how stressed he is, which I’m thankful for lol. Any other tips for vitamins specifically? I know the basic heating/humidity stuff for him


Personally for my leos, I might run a bit oldschool in some keeping methods.
I leave a little dish in the setup with a mix of 1:1 general reptile multivitamin and calcium. They can go over to the dish and will lick at it when they need an extra boost. And in case they aren’t going in for that lick, I feed them dusted mealies in the same mix a couple times a week.

That said… I would not do that for your little guy right away. The reason being that if he hasn’t had proper supplementation, he may just start gobbling down the powder. It’s so fine, I wouldn’t necessarily worry about an impaction like with eating substrate, but if too much is inhaled or he gets an overdone of certain vitamins that can cause problems.
Once you have him settled in and eating well with dusted bugs, you can try a small bottlecap of vitamins if you want. If he immediately goes over and starts going ham on it, I would take it out and keep to the dusted bugs instead.


Awwwwwwww. He looks like a sweet little guy! As @armiyana said, he doesn’t look too underweight. Believe me, we’ve seen a lot worse here! Be sure to keep us updated with progress and pictures! And a name!

Congratulations on the new baby! :heart::blush::lizard: