Help ID Clown Clutch

Hi guys, this is my first clutch ever and I am looking for input on genetics for these beautiful hatchlings. The pairing was:

Firefly Leopard Red Stripe het Clown x Het Clown

I’m guessing I hit the following (descending order)

Red Stripe Clown
Pastel Red Stripe (2)
Leopard Red Stripe (pos Fire)
Red Stripe? (3) (One is a bit brighter so pos fire)
Firefly Leopard Red Stripe

I also did not realize what an amazing stand alone gene Red Stripe is if that trio is in fact just RS


Nice clutch! You’ll need to let them shed and they will color up a bit yet. I can’t really see the Firefly Leo well enough to tell if it is Red Stripe. I think your clown may be a Fire Redstripe Clown.
I think the Pastels Redstipes are correct along with the Leo Red stripe. I think that all three of the snakes are actually Fire Red Stripe. Here is a pic of my Red Stripe Clown clutch. The two top left are Fire Redstripe. The second from the right top is just Red Stripe. The bottom left is a Normal just for comparison. You may not have hit many clowns, but you crushed it on the Red Stripe and Fire genes.