Help I'd mojave or normal?

Hi, I want to know if is this a mojave or normal… Thax!

From what I can see of it it looks normal.

@gregp merci!!!

@gregp yes… Is not mouch in picture :slight_smile: but is what I’m having at the moment where I think the photo colors are more near to the reality… Soon I ll post few more… :+1:

And this one

? Cos I’m searching for mojave for my blue aye.

First is normal, second is Pastel


@t_h_wyman yes… :relieved: They send to me certificate of birthday now… Thax!!

Food for the thoughts at a time like this if you are not able to identify a Mojave it’s of the utmost importance that you buy from a reputable breeder.


Absolut! :star:

Just that I got them for free😌

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