Help ID some mysterious hatchlings!

So! The pairing was a Banana Enchi Lesser Calico male X Mystery gene female . Turns out the sire might instead be a Mojave, and the dam might be a YB complex? So much going on! I just sent out a DNA test for my girl, so hoping that gives me some answers!

Never hatched out single gene Enchi or Calico, so I’m not sure if that amount of flaming on the sides is normal!

Anyways, here’s what I think the little guys are!

  1. Calico pos mystery gene

  2. Enchi pos mystery gene

  3. Banana “Lesser” Mystery Gene

  4. Enchi calico mystery gene

  5. Banana Calico pos Enchi?

  6. Enchi calico mystery gene

  7. “Lesser”?


Do you have any pics of the parents? That may help. So I think you probably have yb in there somewhere, 4 is just crazy cool with all the flames, even 3 has a ton of flames! Either something is reacting with lesser or it is a different gene -almost reminds me of my crazy line of phantoms with the side pattern! It could be a phantom/mystic or even Mojave with something else causing the pattern to break up like that. The first snake and the coral glow calicos have a really extreme calico look! Really pretty! Keep us informed if you uncover anything at all about them or there parents!:smile::+1:


I’m loving #5 and your nail polish!


Those babies are sooooo sweet and innocent looking all curled up in a ball like that! 3 and 5 are my favorites but all of them are :keycap_ten:’s!

Congratulations on your baby bundle @artisticserpents! :blush:



And the confusing Mama!


Had a friend drop by and within 5 seconds one of the babies bite her hand :joy: one nice ones are the two bananas. The other 5 are just feisty gremlins


lol! Well you know that’s the way kids are these days! Sneaky little devils they are! Lol🤷‍♀️


It’s super funny to me the sweetest parents gave me such feisty hatchlings. And last season my feisty girl gave me super calm hatchlings. It’s just the polar opposite of what I expected!


Usually though feisty babies are great eaters! A lot of my het. Red ax mix’s were, but they were always the best eaters! Just watch your fingers😂
As for genetics, I am glad you are doing testing I still think there is some yb in the clutch, mom may be one or the sire could also have it since banana can help hide a lot of morphs! Sire does look as stated to me though.


Could YB make lesser more dark but also brighter in a way? Maybe that’s why I’m so confused! Lol


If you mean like more contrast then yes it could, usually yb brightens, disrupts side pattern and makes a lot of flames and blushing. Your mom looks almost like a blue eyed luecistic complex animal, such as a russo/honey but some of those babies look almost cypress like, you have some interesting looking snakes that can be similarly “made” using a few different combinations of morphs. I think you are right into testing the adults just to rule things out for sure, then maybe it might be easier to say for certain what the babies may be! Love the clutch though, very interesting and pretty!


I meant more or less if it could make the usually more brown color of a lesser turn into a slightly vibrant black! There’s a lot of flaming on the side of that specific hatchling though, with some white splotching too

We thought she was a BEL complex but I would’ve expected more hatchlings with those types of genetics or even a single BEL lol. And since I don’t have a YB complex male to pair her with next time, I figured I might as well test! But if it comes up with nothing, I’ll be tempted to maybe pair her to another BEL complex male


Yes browse mm for things like honey/russo she is obviously not anything like Mojave phantom or lesser, but she has a super clean clear belly and that type of look to me. I would also look at things like cypress and yb of course. These types of morphs can be subtle by themselves but do crazy things when they interact with other morphs! Some may say she is just a wild type because they do vary so much, but the offspring tells me there is some other morph interaction going on.


I rescued her and another wildtype female ball (who looks very clean and reduced pattern with a little flaming) at the same time and yet they both produce wildly different offspring. I didn’t think she’d produce such crazy hatchlings, while I thought the actually reduced one would have something but doesn’t prove out! It’s so interesting how genetics work